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By belonging to your local community Chamber of Commerce, you have the enhanced benefit of belonging to much larger organizations who are working on your business' behalf - The Alberta Chambers of Commerce and The Canadian Chamber of Commerce.  Your provincial and national Chamber of Commerce work tirelessly on behalf of business and provide a strong voice in discussions with your provincial and national governments.  Below we have outlined some of the messages, policy work, and opinions offered by each of these organizations.

The Alberta Chambers of Commerce

Opinion: Approving Trans Mountain a start; now kill Bills C-69 and C-48

Approving the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion was a good decision for Canada, but only one piece of a critically important puzzle for balanced, responsible and sustainable economic development in our nation. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s current approach on Bills C-69 and C-48, however, will irreparably scatter the rest of the puzzle pieces beyond reach.


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Provincial and Territorial chamber leaders urge Prime Minister Trudeau to please stop and listen to First Ministers and Senators on Bills C-69 and C-48.

Leaders from provincial and territorial chambers of commerce from coast-to-coast-to-coast have written a letter of support for First Ministers who asked the Prime Minister to respect their concerns with Bills C-69 and C-48 in a letter earlier this month.


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The Canadian Chamber of Commerce